Regulatory Manager - Virtual or Home Based

Primary responsibility will be to support Shell Energy's gas and power business by providing regulatory and government affairs expertise, with focus on electric power issues in the Mid-Atlantic and Middle West regions of the United States.
Specific duties will include:
Monitor and participate in the stakeholder processes for the PJM (Pennsylvania, Jersey, Maryland) and MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) regional transmission operators. This will involve providing the trading and marketing groups with information about rule changes and other developments that will impact company positions or operations or the markets in which Shell Energy participates, advocating positions in these processes that will protect or advance the company's objectives and providing advice on potential market or operational outcomes;
Follow developments before legislative bodies, state utility commissions, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other government agencies that may affect gas and power marketing and trading activities in the region and report on such developments to relevant groups within the company;
Provide support for the company's marketing and trading activities, including tariff review, commenting on transactional documents and acting as a compliance resource relating to such activities;
Manage participation in regulatory proceedings through the filing of pleadings or directing the activities of outside counsel;
Manage the company's memberships in trade associations and work with such organizations or ad hoc advocacy groups before regulatory and government bodies to advance the company's objectives;
Support the efforts of other members of the Regulatory Group and assist other Shell entities on relevant issues.
Support the development of new commercial products, strategies, or efforts with interpretation and implementation of ISO (Independent System Operator) / RTO (Regional Transmission Organization) policies and relevant statutes and regulations
Maintain relationships with stakeholders in each RTO/ISO, and with customers, to support various commercial needs, including, but not limited to, operation of congestion revenue rights / transmission congestion rights markets, energy markets, capacity markets, and polices pertaining to traditional grid-switchable resources. Expertise in each subject matter is highly desirable.
Act as a liaison with customers, ISO/RTOs, regional reliability organizations and Shell Energy's Commercial teams to verify compliance with regulations as they pertain to Shell Energy.
Manage and provide feedback and support to contract resources providing regulatory intelligence to Shell Energy.
Maintain a strong understanding of wholesale and retail electric power markets.

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